Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Queen and country

The following seem to be the reasons given for the war in Iraq:

1. To fight terrorism
2. To deal with weapons of mass destruction
3. To prevent human rights abuses
4. To impose democracy on Iraq
5. To prevent a humanitarian disaster

One reason that doesn't seem to be given for fighting there is 'Queen and country'. The first mention of patriotism comes from the widow of a Royal Marine killed in a helicopter crash at the weekend. 'I know he died a true hero. He died for his Queen and country and to make the world a safer, better place for us to live in, for his children to grow up in,' said Helen Guy, a quote that was splashed across the front of today's Daily Express.

What a change from the Falklands War, twenty years ago. Then, you could not move for Union flags. To criticise the war was practically treasonable. And the whole issue was discussed in a manner that promoted Britain's place in the world: making Britain Great again etc.

Now, the attitude of most people is the inverse of the politicians' view that the war is against Iraq, not the Iraqi people. British people are against the war and the government, but support the people on the ground, the troops.

'Philip was a true hero', says widow, Exeter Express, 26 March 2003


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