Thursday, April 03, 2003

SARS update

These are the latest WHO cumulative figures for countries with more than ten cases, plus the global total:

Here's a further list of responses to the SARS epidemic:

  • In Canada, two people who had been in contact with a SARS patient have refused to isolate themselves and may be forcibly quarantined. Health staff in Toronto have been told they can only work at one hospital for the time being, affecting staff who work part-time at a number of sites. (National Post)

  • The number of new cases in Guangdong, China seems to be falling. (The Age)

  • Indonesia has declared SARS to be a national threat, allowing the government both to monitor the condition and granting it draconian powers to deal with anyone who blocks efforts to deal with the disease. There are, as yet, no cases in Indonesia. (Channel News Asia)

  • Reports says there are six new cases in Malaysia, bringing the total to 65. (Malaysia is not listed in the WHO table) (Star Online)

  • Air travel levels have been hit by the war and SARS, but comparisons with last year are complicated by the late Easter holiday. (CNN)

  • Sales of masks have surged in the USA. (USA Today)


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