Wednesday, April 02, 2003

Who is the most evil man in the world?

(first published on spiked)

That's the discussion started by Pentagon spokeswoman Victoria Clarke.

She claimed that Saddam Hussein was the worst ruler in history. 'The Iraqi people will be free of decades and decades and decades of torture and oppression, the likes of which I think the world has not ever seen before', she said.

This immediately provoked a 'defence' of such old-time great dictators as Adolf Hitler (up to six million Jews plus millions of others, especially in Russia). Or what about Jozef Stalin's 10 to 20million (depending on which political viewpoint you're reading) killed in purges, work camps, etc? Saddam's 5000 gassed Kurds and other abuses seem to pale by comparison.

The difference? Stalin was holding together the massive Soviet Union; Hitler was leading wars of aggression across Europe. Saddam runs a third world nation.

Still, perhaps he's the worst leader since Hitler and Stalin? Not according to US State department official Lorne Craner. When asked whether Iraq was the worst country for human rights at the moment, he replied, 'No, I think that honour probably goes to North Korea.'

The debate continues.

N Korea rights 'worse than Iraq', BBC News, 1 April 2003


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