Wednesday, May 07, 2003

23 years of World Earth Day

Here's a nice snappy piece which ridicules the environmental movement's track record on predicting the future from the Charlotte Observer. The only annoyance with it is the reference to the environmentalist left. Traditionally, to be left-wing was to be revolutionary, to demand change to current social arrangements, for the benefit of the majority. There's not a shred of that outlook in the environmentalist movement, which is as conservative as you can be. Not just 'no change', but a rolling back of the gains made by humanity. Which if nothing else, shows that there is not a lot of meaning in the left-right divide these days.

I'm sure the greens would argue that the science has got a lot better and is more accurate than in the past. So, no-one is making suggestions of mass starvation in the USA anymore. But I would suggest it's just that environmentalism has become more mainstream. It's harder now to see just how much science is imbued with an anti-human outlook.

Environmentalists: False prophets of doom, Charlotte Observer, 22 April 2003


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