Friday, May 30, 2003

A happy Accident

I would normally be depressed to hear about people losing their jobs. But I have to admit that news of job cuts at the Accident Group is at least tempered by the thought that their business model might be failing. Basically, they encourage people to make personal injury claims on a no-win, no-fee basis where they sell insurance to cover the risk of the case being lost. They are the acceptable face of ambulance chasing. It's just one brick in the wall of the compensation culture but the fear of litigation is more and more at the back of people's minds in all sorts of fields, which fosters a precautionary outlook.

I had recent experience of this when helping out with the running of a conference in a public-run arts centre. The amount of regulation that went on, which seemed to add very little to people's safety, was extraordinary. Underpinning it all was this fear of litigation.

So, I hope the Accident Group, Claims Direct and all their kith and kin die a rapid death. And I hope all the staff get jobs in more worthy companies just as quickly.

Accident Group goes bust, BBC News, 30 May 2003


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