Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Spotting trouble

It seems that trainspotters are the latest victims of the war on terror. According to this story on BBC News, they are being asked to leave the platforms on sixteen of Britain's busiest stations as their behaviour (writing down train numbers, taking photographs etc) is deemed to be a security risk.

Peter Olding, a 37-year-old train spotter, told the BBC: 'I was just at the end of the platform, waiting for one of the trains, when a security guard came out and asked me what I was doing. I said I was train spotting. He said I would have to move, for my own safety, on to the concourse. It's a bit pointless trying to spot trains from the concourse. I was doing no harm there, I wasn't in anyone's way. While I can accept being the butt of a lot of jokes, I don't see why they want to make us public enemy number one.'

Clearly, our protectors have nothing to do but see demons everywhere. What next? Anorak-Qaida?

Terrorism fear derails train-spotters, BBC News, 28 May 2003


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