Friday, July 25, 2003

Diets are not only useless, but downright harmful

An interesting series of articles by Sandy Szwarc on TechCentralStation argues that the obsession with obesity is misplaced. Mostly, a person's body shape is determined by their genes, she argues. The simple calories in minus calories burned = weight gained or lost, is too simplistic. Diets can lead the body to take up a starvation survival strategy, burning few calories, losing muscle mass and disproportionately gaining fat - how ironic. Moreover, diets can produce an unhealthy shortage of proper nutrition.

Interesting - but not sure I entirely agree with it. It seems to be a case of replacing one panic with another: "obesity is bad" with "dieting is bad". Still worth a read, though.

The Truth About Obesity, TechCentralStation, 14 July 2003 onwards


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