Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Trans fat labelling

The US Food and Drug Administration has announced plans to make manufacturers of packaged food state how much trans fat is included in their products. According to this story from Associated Press in Washington, published on Canada.com, 'the FDA has estimated merely revealing trans fat content on labels would save between 2,000 and 5,600 lives a year, as people either chose healthier foods or manufacturers change their recipes to leave out the damaging ingredient.'

That's a confident and impressive estimate without a lot of scientific evidence. Trans fat may boost cholesterol levels - but the links between cholesterol and heart disease appear to be much more subtle than first thought. Studies where diet has been changed to reduce cholesterol levels have shown relatively little change in cholesterol levels, even where diet has changed drastically. There is a correlation between cholesterol and heart disease, but whether the relationship is cause-and-effect is not clear.

U.S. government plans fat labelling measure on foods


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