Monday, August 18, 2003

And the Irish are thinking about it, too...

The gist of this report from the BBC is that smokers are prepared to go along with a ban, on the basis that there will be some kind of area set aside for them to smoke - including outside the door. Not very practical when it is raining though.

But there is a big difference between smoking as a matter of taste - some people absolutely hate it, most people don't really object - and smoking as a health hazard. So, most smokers these days will not light up if they think they will offend someone. And I personally would be quite happy if my clothes didn't smell of fags the day after a session in the local boozer. I don't miss the fog on the top deck of the bus in the winter. But I do have a lot of sympathy for smokers on long-haul flights.

It is the moralising of the 'radical' campaigners and politicians around the issue that is so galling. And it is not surprising to find that the Irish trade unions (like all trade unions these days utterly useless at defending pay and conditions) that have put themselves at the forefront of the campaign.

Ireland calls time on pub smoking, BBC News, 17 August


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