Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Research deficiencies

New Scientist this week features a contrary article that points out that lack of sun could be linked to internal cancers. Research in the US and UK has shown that lack of sunshine, and hence a lack of the vitamin D produced by exposure to sunshine, could allow cancers to develop more quickly. Vitamin D, it is suggested, is suppresses excessive cell growth.

So, the orthodox sun-causes-cancer are in a tizz about it, because it might dilute the message that was finally getting through to people to cover up in the sun and slap on sun-tan lotion.

The truth is that neither side of the argument has a really convincing case. Either way, the risks would be quite low. The most important thing is to enjoy the sun while it lasts!

Bring me sunshine, New Scientist vol 179 issue 2407 - 09 August 2003, page 30


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