Monday, September 01, 2003

Ban on junk food adverts in kid's programmes

Never mind that kids are kept indoors too often, driven everywhere and allowed to snack all the time. The problem of obesity is all down to advertising, apparently. Hence the proposal to ban adverts for kids food during childrens programmes.

Interesting to note two things:

(1) Commercial TV has enough trouble funding children's programmes as it is. Now, the government proposes to take away half their advertising revenue. Which will mean either fewer original programmes, or more commercial tie-ins, or both. How has that served the public good?

(2) The whole thing reeks of paternalism. Check out this quote: Professor Sue Fairweather-Tait of the Institute of Food Research said: "We have a pretty good idea what a healthy diet consists of and the big question is how you get consumers to follow it."

Junk food ads face children’s TV ban, Sunday Times, 31 August 2003


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