Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Is three the magic number?

A new study from Greece suggests that any benefit from consuming fruit and vegetables may level-off after a daily intake of three portions. However, the study does suggest that there is a significant protective effect, with a 70 percent reduction in heart disease risk. Three portions of fruit and veg per day is tantamount to "a little bit of everything does you good" levels. So, what did we need the epidemiologists for?

Of course, all such studies beg questions like 'What are the confounding/extraneous factors at work here?', 'A reduction in heart disease risk for how long?' and 'How many extra years of life would be obtained?'

The medical authorities in the UK are standing by their "five-a-day" advice. I'm standing by my "life's too short to worry about this stuff" advice.

Three fruit and veg may be enough, BBC News, 2 September 2003


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