Monday, September 01, 2003

More on children's lunchboxes

Last week we found out that children often throw out the 'healthy' stuff in their lunchboxes, but rarely bin crisps and chocolate. Now the Food Standards Agency reports that most lunchboxes contain too much sugar, salt and fat. Quelle suprise. Parents realise that kids can be fussy eaters, so they give them things that they will eat. That way they'll grow up healthy and have enough energy to concentrate in class.

Parents were children once, too. They remember that they used to turn their noses up at healthy foods when they were children. They grew out of it. So will their children.

Presumably, there are some people at the Food Standards Agency who are parents, too. They must therefore realise that their advice will fall on deaf ears. So, what is the point of it, except to set a moral framework of guilt for everyone else?

Children's lunchboxes 'unhealthy', BBC News, 1 September 2003


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