Monday, October 27, 2003

Cot death and temperature

BBC News reports a survey by the Foundation for the Study of Infant Death. The survey suggests that most parents don't know the correct temperature at which their babies should sleep. Moreover, most homes don't have a room thermometer where infants sleep.

However, cot death is rare, causing one death for every 2000 live births in the UK. Moreover, it is not know what the cause of cot death is - hence its proper name, sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). So it is not clear why death rates are falling, either.

As this article by Brid Hehir points out, the evidence for this interventions is thin, but the effect is a massive guilt-trip for parents - especially those unfortunate enough to lose a child.

Over-heating puts babies at risk, BBC News, 27 October 2003

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