Monday, October 20, 2003

GM: why Blair is wrong...

According to leader of the anti-globalisation movement, George Monbiot:

'The public has comprehensively rejected the technology; the chief scientist has warned that pollen contamination may be impossible to prevent; the field trials suggest that GM threatens our remaining wildlife. Yet the government appears determined to force us to accept it. '

It's all in the spin. Blair would be proud of language like this.

The public have comprehensively rejected 'Frankenstein foods' it is true. I'm fairly confident, however, that the public haven't rejected GM. They've never been given a chance to accept it, given the panic created around it.

Monbiot talks of 'contamination'. Since when was the mixing of different strains of the same plant 'contamination'? Contamination is a phrase more suited to poisons - but no-one has ever been able to show that GM crops are poisonous.

And the best twist of all: our 'remaining' wildlife, as if Britain only a couple of hundred wild animals left.

And he has the cheek to call his article 'The Enemies of Science'!

george monbiot


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