Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Healthy eating at Junk Food Central

It seems all the big fast food chains in the US are now offering 'healthy options'. Some of them are good and nutritious. Many of them taste bad. And the traditional, non-healthy options often turn out to be lower in fat, calories and sodium than the so-called healthy alternatives. And a lot cheaper, too.

I'm all in favour of having the option to choose something that tastes different, but healthy food is often boring enough as it is without putting it through the mangle of fast food production methods. And it would seem the fast food companies are more concerned with covering their backs against potential lawsuits than offering choice. Apparently, in the eighties you could find salad bars in fast food outlets but these seem not to have been a commercial success.

In the Temples of Supersizing, Eating Light Draws Converts, NY Times, 29 October 2003


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