Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Joan Ruddock is starting to annoy me...

Having just succeeded in getting recycling legislation through Parliament, Joan Ruddock MP, former leading light in the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, is now tabling a motion to demand the government listens to the results of the GM Nation? exercise i.e. people are rather nervous about GM so lets not challenge those ideas, let's just not do the whole GM thing, thank you very much.

Joan Ruddock

Meanwhile, the Co-op, a chain of supermarkets run by regional co-operative societies, has decided to exclude GM from their stores, for much the same reasons cited above. This comes a couple of years after Iceland, a chain of frozen food retailers, decided to do the same.

It should be pointed out that both chains are rubbish...

Guardian Unlimited | UK Latest | Co-op bans GM foods


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