Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Negative reactions to obesity

Not only does being fat get you a negative image. Being seen with a fat person can drag you down to. Researchers at the University of Liverpool showed a picture of a man to 144 female students. To half the students, he was pictured next to a slim woman, to the other half he was pictured with a fatter woman. When asked to describe the man, those who viewed him with the fat woman tended to use more negative terms.

None of which is terribly surprising. If society puts a premium on slimness, then someone who chooses to be with a person who is not slim must have something wrong with them. While I don't generally subscribe to the outlook I'm-not-fat-it's-society's-prejudice-that's-the-problem, if you spend your life feeling worthless, surely this will have some negative health impact in and of itself - never mind any theories about being fat clogging your arteries etc. News - Latest News - Obesity Projects Negative Reactions – Even If You’re Thin


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