Monday, October 06, 2003

'School dinners are rubbish' shocker

The Soil Association say that school dinners are getting worse, containing more and more processed foods. They say an average of 35p is spent per school dinner compared to 65p for prison food. Leaving aside the fact that prison food is for adults, since when was it news that school dinners weren't very good. Fond memories of apple crumble or fish and chips disguise the fact that at best, school dinners used to be tasty stodge. At worst, they were unpalatable.

What the Soil Association want is a nirvana where children eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables produced by local, organic farms. While giving people the best possible food at all times is a good thing (and there's nothing wrong with a little paternalism in school food organisation), there is nothing inherently better about organic or local food. Organic food is no better nutritionally than any other kind of food, as the Food Standards Agency has pointed out. And in any other context, 'local' is a synonym for 'crap'. For example: 'local newspaper'; 'local poet'; support your 'local' team...

BBC NEWS | Education | School lunches 'cheap muck'


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