Thursday, November 13, 2003

Chocolate is fattening warning...

Earlier this year, Cadbury launched a promotion to allow people to get extra sports equipment for schools by buying their chocolate. They were subjected to a massive backlash as a result for encouraging people to eat chocolate.

This experience, couple with the hysteria over obesity in the last week or so, has led them to suggest that they might put health warnings on wrappers reminding people to eat a healthy diet. There is no need to do this - chocolate is a pleasurable food and no more unhealthy than anything other kind of food as long as it is eaten in sensible proportion to other food.

That a company should be moved to do this is a reflection of the obesity panic which has hit new heights recently in the UK, and the compensation culture which opens the possibility of people stuffing their faces, then blaming others for their girth.

BBC NEWS | Health | Sweets may carry health warning


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