Friday, January 30, 2004

DVT and computer gaming

A young boy spent 10 hours kneeling down playing games on a Playstation, and suffered a thrombosis in his leg. Obviously, sitting in a stupid position that restricts your blood supply is not good for you. This story has no wider lessons.

A sensible response by his doctor, though:

"Dr Russell Keenan, a paediatric haematologist from the Alder Hey Children's Hospital in Liverpool, said that it was extremely unusual to see DVTs in otherwise fit and healthy children. He said: 'I would expect to see a DVT in a child perhaps once every few weeks - but the vast majority of these involve children who are very seriously-ill in other ways. The only risk factor we could find in this case was the fact that Dominic had sat on his legs for 10 hours playing computer games without moving. If you fold the leg, you are basically folding the vein in the leg and causing the blood supply to stagnate. That is what might be causing the clot. However, it doesn't mean that the government should be putting health warnings on Playstations.'"

BBC NEWS | Health | Computer game teenager gets DVT


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