Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Coughing up the property ladder

A new survey for the Woolwich suggests that smoking is the main factor in putting people off buying a property.

Smoking was cited by 28 per cent of respondents as a turn-off, even more than animals, stone-cladding, artex ceilings or avocado bathroom suites. Those who would put an offer in, suggested that they would offer up to 10 per cent less for a smoker's home, suggesting the filthy habit could cost you thousands of pounds. This could be music to the ears of the bigwigs at the Department of Health. If their current campaign, involving oozing fat from the clogged-up arteries of a smoker, doesn't repulse enough people into giving up, perhaps we will see the stars of TV shows like Changing Rooms or Property Ladder lecturing us on the dangers of nicotine decor.

BBC NEWS | Business | Smokers 'devaluing their homes'


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