Monday, September 06, 2004

10 Questions to Ask Yourself

This neatly sums up the fears we are all supposed to have about alcohol, food, activity, stress and personal happiness. For example:

10. Do I feel happy?
When someone feels happy it boosts their immune defence system and makes them more likely to look after their health. However, everyone has ups and downs, and this is normal.

There are times though when people feel unhappy more often than usual or for longer periods of time then they would expect to. When this is the case someone might be suffering with depression.

Depression is an illness that can be successfully treated. It's not someone's fault if they develop depression and they shouldn't feel guilty about it, but they should ask for help.

But what if you're not doing all of these things? Presumably you should feel miserable, which will only make you ill. How about:

11. Have you got a sense of perspective?
If you did, you wouldn't be worrying about all this nonsense. Health - Talking To Your Doctor - Health at Home - 10 Questions to Ask Yourself


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