Thursday, September 30, 2004

The AANC: nothing to do with Mandela

Another installment in the continuing ridicule of Dr Gillian's qualifications. This time, an organisation called the American Association of Nutritional Consultants (AANC) which you can join for $60 even if (a) you're not human and/or (b) you're dead. There's plenty more about them on the Quackwatch website.

Guardian | Dr Gillian McKeith (PhD) continued


At 10:42 AM, Graham B said...

Copy & paste this link into your browser for details of my recent encounter with the You Are What You Eat team:

At 8:12 PM, Anonymous said...

The Bannock man's website is quite interesting: his CV says he went to the USA because he liked the sweet courses there ("He had fallen in love with the beautiful 'High Dessert' of New Mexico" -

Lucky he did, or I think he'd be getting the same Bad Science hatchet job as GMcK. There's plenty of crossover between his qualifications and Quackwatch: such as SCENAR therapy, Biological Terrain Analysis, Live Blood Analysis... What is it with Scottish nutritionists?

Also, see the footnote to the CV:

"I have recently removed two academic and professional credentials from my CV. They were a PhD from Medicina Alternativa Institute (OIUCM) and a Board Certification from the American Association of Nutrition Consultants (AANC). At the time, these were believed to be genuine and professional organisations. I have since discovered this not to be the case, and have therefore made the decision to remove these entries from my CV".



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