Friday, September 24, 2004

More on being seen to be green

This article in The Times is pessimistic about the motives of those who would like to think of the themselves as green:

'Our only commitment towards a greener planet is motivated either by self-interest or vanity; Oxfam fashion, after all, is so very glamorous and fair-trade chocolate reflects the right kind of lifestyle — not to mention the health benefits. We buy organic, even though our parents have yet to be convinced, and we sport political messages on our T-shirts — not because we’re activists but because we like the idea of being subversive — but we do very little. Activism as a lifestyle choice is no longer hip, particularly when it is drawn closer to the pledges of politicians such as Michael Howard.'

Your world or your iPod. Your choice., Anna Shepard, The Times, 21 September 2004


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