Sunday, October 31, 2004

Another example of contradictory health panics

This week: organic food (supposed to be good for you) vs. processed food (supposed to be bad for you). What happens when you buy processed organic food?

'Organic food may not be quite as healthy as its supporters claim. Some of the products bought by shoppers in Britain's biggest supermarkets contain levels of salt and fat as much as three times higher than non-organic versions of the same product, it has emerged.
Checks carried out last week by The Sunday Times on organic meat, milk, soup, mayonnaise, chocolate and breakfast cereals showed they had higher levels of fat and some had higher salt content than conventionally produced counterparts. '

'Many consumers are ready to pay a premium for what they see as the health benefits of organic food at supermarkets.
Organic food is produced without the chemical fertilisers and pesticides used in conventional food production. There may be a downside, however.
The label on a pot of Sainsbury's organic Greek-style yoghurt showed it contained more than three times more saturated fat than the regular alternative - despite having a 53% higher price tag. Tesco's organic pork mince contained twice as much salt and 27% more fat; its mayonnaise had 50% more saturated fat. Organic milk had 10% more fat and cost almost 20% more.'

Or you could just eat your food and be grateful that you can take the availability of plentiful, nutritious food for granted.

Times Online - Sunday Times, 31 October 2004


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