Friday, October 08, 2004

Okay, for the umpteenth time: the dose makes the poison!

The World Wildlife Fund have found lots of chemicals in children's blood. Unsurprising - there are lots of chemicals all around us. But trace amounts of chemicals do not necessarily (or even probably) cause any harm at all.

[A] spokesman for the Medical Research Council's Institute for Environment and Health in Leicester told BBC News Online: 'The world is composed of 'chemicals' and many of the most hazardous are natural.' He added that the presence of 'older' chemicals such as DDT in all age groups was not surprising as they were 'ubiquitous throughout the globe and very persistent' - which was why they were banned. He said: 'At first sight it is rather worrying that 'new' chemicals such as the brominated flame retardants are occurring at higher levels in the children. But we would need to see the rest of the data to assess the actual difference in levels and whether this is statistically and biologically significant.'

BBC NEWS | Health | Pollutants 'in children's blood'


At 10:21 PM, Anonymous said...

A slightly disappointing result from the East Midlands.

Why did the chap from Leicester feel that it was necessary to mention DDT and banned? The lynchpin of all the chemical fears probably goes back to the current controlling generation's understanding, inadequate as it may have been then and probably is now, of whatever harm DDT is alleged to have done.

At this rate humankind will shortly define that all it does that is of any significance is destructive and damaging to the planet, over which environment we of course have so much control!

If humankind is not allowed to practise its skills (and sometime failures) at developing new things there is no point to it at all. It would be best for the planet if humankind were removed. Thinking about that seems to suggest that self destruction may be the best way of solving the planet's problems and saving it for other, more successful and less damaging survivors. (Ants and cockroaches come to mind.)

Of course the best way to self destruct, according to those who wouold control outr lives, would be to carry on as we are.

What an interesting confusion.



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