Thursday, April 07, 2005

If you could teach the world just one thing...

Spiked's amazing survey of 250 scientists, asking them simply what single scientific idea that would like the wider world to get their heads around, provides many interesting and imaginative answers - from very specific equations, to discuss of the very notion of science itself.

The Guardian have provided a taster today.

This contribution seems particularly topical on the subject of school meals:

Stanley Feldman
Emeritus professor of anaesthesiology at Charing Cross and Westminster Medical School

I would like it to be universally known that whatever we eat, it is broken down into basic building blocks of food in the gut, before it can be absorbed into the blood.

The cholesterol in the food you eat is not the same cholesterol as that in your blood. Whatever meat you eat whether it be prime organic Angus, or chopped-up scrag end from an old cow it ends up as the same amino acids in your blood. No matter what the source of the fat, it is essentially the same fatty acids that enter the bloodstream. We are not what we eat.

Guardian Unlimited | Life | Life lessons

The full survey will appear on Spiked before the end of April.

The E=mc2 centenary survey


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