Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Lady Balfour on the British sewer system

The founder of the Soil Association seems to demand that we divert sewers to fertilise the soil.

'If fresh food is necessary to health in man and beast, then that food must be provided not only from our own soil but as near as possible to the sources of consumption. If this involves fewer imports and consequent repercussions on exports, then it is industry that must be readjusted to the needs of food. If such readjustment involves the decentralisation of industry and the re-opening of local mills and slaughter-houses, then the health of the nation is more important than any large combine.

'If health involves demands for adequate supplies of humus for the soil, then means must be found to provide it; if this involves, among other measures, the complete reorganisation of existing sewage and town waste disposal plants, then local authorities must put the needs of the soil first.

'If, in order to serve the needs of the soil, and thereby serve every citizen of the land, instead of just a few, it becomes necessary to turn the whole organisation of food production, preparation, and distribution, over to public ownership; of farmer, miller, butcher, baker - all of us concerned with food - have to be incorporated into one vast social service, decentralised, but nevertheless unified, equivalent to the proposed state medical service, then even so drastic a step as that must be taken, for still the nation's health comes first. These possibilities are an indication of what I mean by a revolution in outlook. Such a revolution may be the price of health. Are we prepared to pay it?'

Lady Eve Balfour's quote on the health of the nation | Information library | Local Food Works


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